Sgnl, all you need to make calls is a finger… in your ear

What if you could make calls with your finger? No, it's not a publicity stunt by some phone company, nor is it the plot of the sequel to E.T. But a new wearable device that turns a simple bracelet into a receiver for calls and transmits them to your ear with a finger.

It's not magic, and bone conduction speakers have been around in the tech world for decades. The device, which is called SGNL sends vibrations through the bracelet to your hand and from your finger to your ear. So all you have to do is place your finger, the one on the hand where you have the wearable, to hear the incoming call. The wearable connects, like any smart device, via Bluetooth to our smartphone. So you can receive any incoming call with a touch. To alert us, the wearable will flash, ring or vibrate, depending on our preferences.

How SGNL works

With the technique of bone conduction even our privacy will be safe. Since only we will hear the calls and no one else in the room. On the contrary, sometimes, with headphones or directly with the phone is easier for people close to us hear what our interlocutor says. In addition, touching the ear will lower the background noise, so you will always have clear and limpid calls without interference. SGNL is also thought to have a dual design, it can be used as a simple bracelet or used as a strap for the dial of a smartwatch. This wearable was made by Innomdle Lab, a satellite company of South Korean giant Samsung. It costs about 130 euros.

(The video in paertura is taken from Kickstarter)

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