WhatsApp, new way to make group calls and video calls

WhatsApp releases a small novelty for video calls and calls: here's what changes for users

Small novelty at home WhatsApp: the application has released an update for the Android and iOS version that allows to simplify the start of a group call and video call. A small change from the procedure used so far that only serves to simplify the lives of users, especially in this period in which calls and video calls on WhatsApp are the tool most used by users, so as to put under stress the servers of the app, as stated by the same company.

To give the announcement of the new feature is directly WhatsApp on its Twitter account in a message in which it specifies that the novelty concerns only in groups in which there are a maximum of four people. This means that it only applies to a small number of groups, since in most cases they are composed of more than four people. Simplify and make more functional the application is one of the goals of WhatsApp in this period of lochdown that is putting a strain on millions of Italians and people around the World.

WhatsApp calls and video calls: the novelty

WhatsApp announced on its Twitter account a small update regarding calls and video calls in groups with less than four people: just press on the handset or camera icon to start them. Compared to the past, in fact, this is one step less. Until a few days ago, when you touched one of the two icons, an additional window opened in which to choose who to call. Now this step will no longer be there.

These rules, as already mentioned, apply only to groups with up to four people, for all others the rules apply as always.

How to make WhatsApp calls and video calls

If you need to make a call or video call on WhatsApp within a group with more than four people, the procedure to follow remains the classic one. You must open the app, enter within the group, press on one of the two icons (handset or camera) and select the people to call via the mask that appears on the screen. Once done, the call begins. On WhatsApp, the limit of people who can participate in a group call or video call is four.

How to make WhatsApp calls and video calls from the PC

The novelty launched by WhatsApp does not apply to the desktop version of WhatsApp. In fact, from the PC the function for calls and video calls is still not available and the only way to is to use an emulator for Android. A rather long and complicated procedure.