How to activate video calls on Telegram

Video calls have arrived on the beta version of Telegram: here's how they work and how to activate them

Calls and video calls are coming to Telegram, even if only on the beta version for iOS. They had been announced in the previous weeks and now they are finally available and should soon arrive on the official version as well. This is one of the most awaited and requested functions by users: if for many tools Telegram has anticipated WhatsApp, in this case it is very late.

The developers have also spent a lot of time to ensure maximum security and protection for users. Video calls will use the best technologies for encryption, so that no hacker can ever trace who made the call. The feature is active from the beta version number 6.3 of Telegram, which can be downloaded by everyone, even those who were not enrolled in the beta program until now. The arrival of the Android version is also expected in days. If all tests are successful, it is likely that within a few weeks video calls will be released on the "normal" version of Telegram.

Telegram, how to activate video calls

A feature that has been waiting for a long time and finally arrived: phone calls and video calls on Telegram. As already mentioned, for the moment they are only available on the beta version and can be tested for bugs or problems.

The feature, however, is not active by default, but it must be the users to do so by following a rather simple procedure. First of all, you have to install Telegram version 6.3, open the application and press ten times on the Settings icon. In this way it will be possible to activate the toggle present next to the "Experimental features" item. Once this step is complete, all you have to do is enter a conversation and start the call.

How video calls work on Telegram

Once the feature is activated, you can start calling and video calling on the messaging app. How to do it? You need to enter inside a conversation, press on the icon of our friend in the upper right corner and the contact tab will appear. Among the available icons there are two new ones: Call and Video Call. Pressing one of them will start the call.

The user interface of the new feature is very simple: there is an icon to change the microphone, one to change camera and another to close the conversation.

When the new feature arrives

If the tests are successful, video calls may arrive on the regular version of Telegram as early as the next few weeks. We'll see how this evolves.