Tinder launches Face to Face: video calls arrive

One of the most awaited features by users arrives on Tinder: after the match in addition to chat you can make video calls with Face to face

At the time of the social distancing for the Covid-19 pandemic, Tinder launches its new feature for video chats: Face to face. Not only chat after the match between two potential partners: if both accept they can move to a virtual meeting thanks to the integrated tool for video calling.

Face to Face was launched last May in the United States and after a few months of testing now arrives in Italy with the latest update of the dating app. The video chat feature is very useful, especially to verify the identity of those who hide behind a Tinder account, hoping not to find themselves in front of a fake profile. For this reason, the app has also thought about user safety: before starting the video chat you have to agree to a set of rules, and if something goes wrong, you can report any inappropriate behavior of the user.

Face to Face, how Tinder's video chat works

With the latest update to Tinder comes the long-awaited Face to Face feature to make video calls between potential partners directly in chat. To initiate a video call, a mutual interest or "match" must arise between the two users, and both must select the camera icon.

As with classic Tinder matches, the other user will not know that he or she has been selected for a video call unless the icon of someone who has already expressed his or her appreciation pops up. Tinder thus confirms the importance of reciprocity of interest, both to initiate an eventual chat and then to move on to an actual virtual meeting on video.

The app has also paid a lot of attention to detail: the screen during the video call is divided into two panels of the same size, so that you can see your partner well, but also check yourself, just like in a mirror, hoping to give your best on the first date.

Tinder, security options for users

Security remains a central theme for the online dating app. The new Face to face feature decreases the risk of someone quite different or a fake profile hiding behind Tinder account photos. In addition, before initiating a video call, the user will necessarily have to agree to the rules of conduct established by the app, which require the camera to be active and the subjects must be clearly visible.

Some simple rules "so as not to spoil the atmosphere," the app says: no nudity or sexual contexts, keep the discourse clean without insults, hate speech, violence or illegal activities. And last, but foremost, no content involving minors.

If during the video chat one of the two users in the match violates these rules or engages in inappropriate behavior, it can be promptly reported to Tinder's security team, which will take care of the matter.

Tinder, tips for a perfect video chat

In this period of physical distancing, the dating app wants to bring people together, and from the official blog also comes some tips to increase the chances of making an impression during the video call. For example, start first with a simple chat and if the understanding gets deeper and deeper, then move on to the video experience.

Once you've decided on the video call, the app recommends setting up the background behind you, choosing something that will get your interests across and perhaps become the topic of a pleasant conversation.

Face To Face, where the new feature is available

The new Tinder feature was first launched in May 2020, but only in the United States. After a testing phase of a few months, which seems to have been appreciated by users, the company decided to roll it out in the latest update of the app also to users living in Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, UK, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Chile.