How to apply for and activate Ho mobile SIM

Vodafone has launched its own low-cost virtual operator Ho.Mobile on the Italian market to counter Iliad, here's how to apply for and activate a new SIM

Vodafone has responded to Iliad's arrival in Italy by creating its own low-cost virtual operator, called Ho. Mobile. The new low-cost operator has landed in our country with a monthly offer of 6.99 euros that offers 30GB and unlimited voice minutes. But how can you activate a SIM Ho.Mobile?

The low-cost virtual operator of Vodafone has landed in Italy with a campaign that focuses on transparency as well as cheap prices. With Ho.Mobile offers, in fact, we will always have additional services, such as call waiting, paid digital services or voicemail, free of charge. At the moment the 6.99 euros per month offer is time limited, it will only be possible to activate a Ho Mobile SIM with this pricing plan until July 31, 2018. There are basically three methods to register your own SIM on the low-cost operator Vodafone. Obviously you can do this by activating a new number or by making a portability from another operator to keep our old number.

How to request a SIM Ho.Mobile

To request a SIM Ho.Mobile we can connect to the official website of the virtual operator or go to one of the over three thousand points of sale scattered throughout the Italian territory. On the Ho.Mobile website you can request a SIM in two ways: with free shipping and activating the SIM with a video call for recognition, or by booking online and collecting the SIM in a store. To find out if there is a store near your home, simply log on to the Store Finder section on the Ho.Mobile website at In case of problems with the online SIM booking you can receive assistance through the Ho.fficina web page, the company's call center or through the official Ho.Mobile app, for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The cost of SIM activation is 9 euros to which must be added the 7 euros of the first month of the offer. Recharging, which ranges from €5 to €30, can be done at one of the points of sale, on the official application, on the Ho.Mobile website, but also in bars and Lottomatica cash registers.

How to Activate Ho.Mobile SIM

If we haven't bought the SIM in a physical store or if we haven't picked it up in a physical store after booking online, then we'll have to activate the Ho.Mobile SIM independently. Don't worry, it's a very simple operation. We'll just take our phone, after inserting the new SIM in the housing, and go to the App Store or Google Play Store depending on the type of smartphone we own. Then look for the official app called Ho. and install it on your device. Once the app is launched we go to the personal page and in the section related to SIM activation we follow the guided procedure. Once the process is complete our SIM will be ready. Generally a new SIM takes from 2 to 48 hours to activate so if after a few minutes we still have no network do not worry.