How to recover TIM SIM PIN

Don't remember your TIM card PIN and now you can't use it anymore? Here are some solutions to recover TIM SIM PIN in a few seconds

You found in a drawer an old TIM SIM card that you haven't used for a long time and now you would like to use it on a second cell phone. Perhaps to have another phone number and be more easily reachable, or to allocate one smartphone only to personal calls and the other to business calls.

In short, the possible uses of a second phone SIM are numerous and all potentially very useful. But what to do if you can't find the PIN on your TIM card anymore? Without the unlock code, the SIM cannot be activated and used in the smartphone: the phone will work, but you won't be able to make calls, send SMS or use the data connection. It is therefore necessary to find out how to recover PIN SIM Tim, without which you will be forced to put the phone card you have just found back in the drawer.

Recovery PIN SIM Tim via PUK

The first attempt to recover PIN TIM is to look for the plastic card that housed the phone card. On this card, the operator always prints both the PIN and the PUK, two numeric codes designed for the security of the phone. The first is an easy to remember string, composed of 4 digits and can be changed at will. The second is the last resort: a longer number, which is used to retrieve the PIN if you lose it, and which cannot be changed. If you enter three wrong PINs the SIM will be locked and you will be asked for the PUK. If you enter the wrong PUK ten times, the SIM card can no longer be unlocked.

If you still have the laminated card and the Tim SIM PIN is still readable, simply insert it into your smartphone and check if the card will be unlocked. If the PIN is not clearly visible on the laminated card, perhaps because the card is damaged, enter the wrong PIN three times and lock the SIM card.

Now enter this code that will allow you to change the PIN with one of your choice and unlock the card:


Replace "PUK" with the string found on the laminated card and instead of "PIN" enter twice the new PIN of your choice. If the PUK is correct, the SIM card will be unlocked and the new PIN code will be registered. From now on you will have to use the new PIN code to unlock the SIM card.

Retrieve Tim's SIM PIN without PUK

If you don't have the laminated card, then you won't know either the PIN or the PUK of the SIM card you want to unlock. The same applies if the two codes are not readable. How to unlock the SIM card without the PUK?

For security and privacy reasons, unlike other operators Tim does not allow you to unlock the SIM card either by accessing your private area online or by calling the customer service. In both cases, without the PUK, no one will tell you what the PIN is. You will have to physically go to a TIM store where you will be given (at a cost of 10 euros) a new SIM with the same phone number. Bring with you an identity document, because it will be necessary to verify that the real owner of the SIM is you. If the SIM was registered in the name of another person, perhaps one of your family members, it will be necessary for that person to come with you to the store, bringing a valid identity document.