What is Fastweb Mobile, rates and SIM activation

The mobile operator of Fastweb provides many offers, especially if at home we have ADSL or fiber always Faswteb, here's how to activate a new SIM

Iliad has brought a kind of "French revolution" in the Italian mobile market. One of the first companies to respond to the advantageous rates of Iliad is Fastweb Mobile, which has launched, for some time now, the campaign #nientecomeprima.

For those who do not know it, and as you can guess from the name, Fastweb Mobile is the company for mobile telephony of the Fastweb group born in 2008. At December 31, 2017, the service could boast 1.16 million active cards covering over 16% of the Italian market. Unlike other mobile companies, Fatsweb Mobile offers several subscription and rechargeable packages linked to the fixed phone service, with discounted rates for those who are already Fastweb customers. Since 2018 Fastweb Mobile has been experimenting with 5G connectivity in Rome. And together with Huawei and TIM has already tested this last generation connection also in Bari and Matera.

What is Fastweb Mobile

The prefix used by the new Fastweb Mobile lines is 373, while the customer service number is 192193. It must be said that Fastweb was one of the first companies to focus on cost transparency and the speed of its Internet connection. In fact, Fastweb Mobile was one of the first mobile phone companies to eliminate hidden costs, time-based promotions, duration constraints and penalties in case of early termination.

How to activate Fastweb Mobile SIM

Activating a new SIM or making the portability to a Fastweb card is really easy. There are a number of options that we can choose to switch to Fastweb Mobile. The SIM card can in fact be requested in one of the many physical stores scattered throughout the Italian territory or requested for free directly from the company's website. If we had any difficulties during the activation online there is the free number 146 that you can dial to be called by an operator and complete the registration and activation of the SIM card by phone.

The offers Fastweb Mobile

The pricing plans proposed by Fastweb Mobile in an attempt to expand its share of the mobile market. The offer that we can define as more "complete" is the Mobile Freedom, which includes unlimited minutes, 100 SMS and 20 GB of data traffic. This package costs 10.95 euros per month for Fastweb home customers and 15.95 euros per month for all others. With Mobile Giga, however, we will have available 300 minutes, 100 SMS and 10 GB per month for 5.95 euros if we are already Fastweb customers otherwise for 10.95 euros. Same price with Mobile Voce but offers 1000 minutes, 100 SMS and 3 GB per month. 

How to recharge Fastweb Mobile

Also make a recharge with Fastweb Mobile is very simple. We can recharge our number directly in one of the many tobacconists or enabled points of sale, or at a Fastweb store or more simply directly on the company website, in the recharge section, or through the application for smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) MyFastweb.

The application Fastweb Mobile

The application for Fastweb Mobile customers is the aforementioned MyFastweb. With this service we will be able to recharge our SIM card, monitor the traffic consumption in our monthly plan but also change our offer with a click and at no additional cost.