How to turn your old iPhone into dual sim

Thanks to covers and adapters from a Swiss company, you can handle more than one SIM card even with old iPhones. Here's how it works

After years and years of resistance, Apple finally caved. With the presentation of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the Cupertino company has also had to surrender to one of the technological trends that, in recent years, had allowed Android smartphones to continue to conquer substantial slices of the market.

The 2018 iPhones, in fact, are the first dual SIM smartphones from the Cupertino company (with eSIM), which thus tries to catch up by offering a feature that, as mentioned, on Android has been present for several years now. To be completely honest, however, it has been possible for some time now to transform a normal iPhone into a dual SIM device. In fact, to tell the truth, you can add five more SIM cards to your iPhone maybe years old with an expense of just over 100 euros. Merit of the Swiss company SIMore, which has created a gadget that allows you to achieve this "magic" in a simple and fast way.

How to turn iPhone into dual SIM

Specifically, SIMore has created smart covers for the iPhone that allow you to add and manage from our iPhone (even an iPhone 6S, if you want) all the SIM cards you want. As already mentioned, in fact, with the devices designed and manufactured by the Swiss company, it will be possible to manage up to 5 different SIM cards with an iPhone Xs or up to 4 SIM cards with an Apple smartphone of the current generations.

SIMore SIM adapters are available in various forms and for various models of mobile phones: there are covers capable of holding up to 3 other SIM cards that can be used all at the same time, there are adapters for iPhone Xr (and other mobile phones released in recent years) that allow you to insert in the device of the house of Cupertino from 2 to 4 SIM cards. In short, an ingenious way to take advantage of existing spaces (or create new ones) that allow you to turn your iPhone into a dual SIM without having to buy a new one.