Iliad, what’s the age limit to get a SIM card

To be able to request an Iliad SIM card you need to have a minimum age limit: here's which one

In Italy, the regulations on owning a SIM card are quite stringent: you need to present a valid ID and also have a minimum age. This is true for all operators, even for Iliad, which uses an innovative system for buying phone cards: Simboxes. As many of you know, Iliad has placed in many Italian cities of the automatic distributors of SIM cards: they are usually found in train stations, airports and in the most crowded points.

What are the requirements to request an Iliad card from a Simbox? Very simple: first of all you need to have with you a valid identity document that certifies the authenticity of the person. Then it is very important the age limit: you can not be less than 15 years old. This applies to both Italian and foreign citizens in possession of a regular document. In addition, there is another requirement to be met: at most you can have five SIM cards in your name. To overcome it, you need to make an official request to Iliad by filling out a form. Here's everything you need to know to apply for an Iliad SIM card.

Iliad form, what age you need to be to get a SIM card

All phone operators set age limits to apply for a SIM card. Iliad has set the minimum limit at 15 years old. The applicant must also present a valid identity document that proves to meet this requirement. Logically, there is no maximum age limit.

How many Iliad cards can you have

Another peculiarity that few people know about is the maximum limit of Iliad cards that a person can have in their name. There are five, which can be extended up to 10 by following a special procedure.

The phone operator allows you to have up to five SIM cards without any kind of problems. From the sixth onwards, however, the customer is obliged to send a specific form to Iliad in which he requests the activation of a new SIM card. In addition to the form, it is also necessary to send a copy of the identity document. This procedure must be repeated for each new card, once the limit of five is exceeded.