Finger Spinner, the app that emulates the Fidget is the most downloaded on iOS

In a very short time, the game for iPhone and iPad has managed to reach the top of the most popular applications of the App Store bypassing YouTube

The Fidget Spinner has become in a few days a viral phenomenon around the world, especially among young people. Given the success of the stress reliever, it was only natural that the object also landed on smartphones in the form of an app: the one for iOS is currently the most downloaded free app in the App Store.

The application, which is called Finger Spinner, is none other than the digital version of the Fidget Spinner. To make you understand the rapid popularity reached by the application in the Apple market, just consider that Finger Spinner has managed to bypass, in the wishes of users of the bitten apple, some of the most emblazoned free applications. The game, in fact, has surpassed YouTube, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, just to name a few. The app developed by Ketchapp can be downloaded on both iPhone and iPad.

How Finger Spinner Works

The functioning of the application is very simple. As is the case with the stress-relieving object, the aim of the game is to spin the spinner as quickly as possible. Finger Spinner offers users five attempts: the goal is to get rewards and unlock new "finger spinners". You can challenge your friends and share the results with them.

Not very popular on Android

What about on Android? If we take a look at the ranking of the most popular apps downloaded from the Google Play Store we realize that in the top 10 there isn't even an app inspired by the finger spinner. We must, in fact, go down to position number 14 to find a simulator called Laser Finger Spinner. Again, the functioning is very similar to the Fidget Spinner. The user will have to spin the spinner by pressing continuously on the screen. A nice pastime to use during the lunch break.