Iliad, beware of calls from fake call centers

In recent days many users have reported receiving calls from Iliad call centers to subscribe to advantageous offers but it is a scam

If in recent days you have received a call from an Iliad call center be careful, it is a scam: the goal is to get possession of your personal data. To raise the alarm are the same users who have received strange calls from alleged call center operators who proposed offers Iliad subscription. The phone operator, despite himself, is unaware of everything and a victim of the scam.

Iliad, in fact, does not use call centers and tele-marketing to look for new customers, but uses advertising on social networks or on TV. Those who want to activate an Iliad card can do it by calling 177, using the website, buying the SIM in the SIMBoxes present in the main Italian cities, or visiting Iliad centers. This is not the first time that we have warned you about fake call centers that propose advantageous phone offers, but in reality are only looking for personal data to sell on the dark web: when you receive a call from a telemarketing operator, always try to get all the information you need to understand if it is a scam.

Iliad call center, don't answer calls

A few weeks ago we reported on fake call centers offering Vodafone subscriptions to fraudulently obtain personal data. Now the scammers have changed phone operators and started offering Iliad subscriptions. The modus operandi is always the same: users are contacted by phone pretending to be an Iliad operator and are offered a super convenient subscription. After obtaining the personal data, the operator disappears and is never heard from again. His goal is to get the personal information (identity card and social security number) to sell on the dark web.

These kind of scams are very frequent and the operators are themselves victims. Their name (in this case Iliad's) is used to convince the user that it is a reliable and safe offer

To warn users, Iliad has also reiterated that it does not use tele-marketing as a lever to gain new customers: any message or phone call received from self-styled Iliad operators is a scam. So be very careful and if you receive a call from an Iliad call center in the coming days, hang up immediately.