Euronics scam, the company warns: beware of the fake SMS

Euronics launches the alarm: do not open the SMS that assures you that you have won a prize, it is a scam. How to defend yourself

The large electronics and appliances chain Euronics warns: a scam is underway through fake SMS that, in the name of Euronics, invite people to follow a link that leads to a phishing page where our personal data are asked.

The news of this scam attempt has come from the company itself, which on the home page of its website has published a huge banner to warn users: "You are reporting the receipt of an SMS, personalized Euronics, which reports the winning of a prize. Do not click and do not enter your data! This is a scam, in no way connected with Euronics!". The company has reported the scam attempt to the competent authorities, also because this is the second big wave of fake SMS in a single month that exploit the name of Euronics to deceive consumers.

How the Euronics scam works

On the page dedicated to give information about this scam attempt, Euronics has also published a sample SMS from which you can understand what it is. The message is personalized Euronics: despite being sent from a number that does not belong to the company, in fact, the sender is identified by the smartphone as "Euronics" and this could mislead many people. The text of the SMS reads: "Dear Customer, on August 5 you came in 2nd place in the draw of our 67th anniversary (Euronics-67ANNI-MX). You can pick it up here" and an abbreviated link follows, leading to the phishing page where our data is asked for. It is highly possible that other SMS are going around, with slightly different texts, but the substance does not change: Euronics is totally extraneous to the facts, there is no prize waiting for us and, consequently, we should not click on that link nor fill in any form in any fake page.

This is not the first time

At the beginning of August another wave of scam SMS had used the name of Euronics to deceive consumers. In that case, too, reference was made to a phantom prize draw and a prize to be collected by clicking on an abbreviated link. In that case, however, the site asked for between 1.95 and 4.95 euros to deliver the prize (a smartphone, in most cases) and led to the subscription of paid services costing more than 50 euros.