Spy user or narcissist? Find out what Facebook thinks of you

A study has divided Facebook users into four major categories: relationship builders, auctioneers, social snitches and selfies Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network, as confirmed by the millions of users registered to Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. There are those who use it to keep in touch with friends and relatives, those who use it … Read more

Apple will boost Siri’s capabilities on the upcoming iPhone 8

Cupertino is working hard to boost Siri for the iPhone 8 release with the aim of throwing down a challenge to Google Assistant and Amazo’s Alexa To make sure nothing is missing on the upcoming iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary device, Apple is boosting Siri to make the best personal assistant available on smartphones. And … Read more

How much battery does Immuni consume

Many are wondering how Immuni will affect smartphone battery life. Giving a definitive answer is complex, but assumptions can be made One of the doubts regarding Immuni’s operation concerns its impact on smartphone battery life. As we know by now, the contact tracing app chosen by the Italian government, in order to work perfectly, needs … Read more