Spy user or narcissist? Find out what Facebook thinks of you

A study has divided Facebook users into four major categories: relationship builders, auctioneers, social snitches and selfies

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network, as confirmed by the millions of users registered to Mark Zuckerberg's platform. There are those who use it to keep in touch with friends and relatives, those who use it to meet other people and those who use it to show off.

Then, there is a large segment of users who choose Facebook to advertise their work. In short, everyone uses the social network in a different way. A study, conducted by researchers from the School of Communication at Brigham University, has divided Facebook users into four major categories, starting from the way in which the social network is used. The team of scientists carried out the investigation on a sample of just 47 people, composed of young people between 18 and 32 years of age. The group was asked a series of standard questions and then further interviews.

Four profiles emerged from the survey: "relationship builders", "auctioneers", "social spies" and "selfies".

Relationship builders and auctioneers

For many, Facebook is a tool to communicate with distant friends and family, but also to express emotions and receive affection. For "relationship builders," the social network is primarily a means of contact, which also serves to strengthen relationships with their contacts. Often, in fact, for people who belong to this group, the platform is the only channel for maintaining long-distance relationships. Relationship buildersĀ are very active. They write many posts and comment on others' messages frequently.

The "auctioneers", unlike the relationship builders, use Facebook in a more private way. They publicly disclose little personal information and use social to share news they feel you should know. On their profiles, for example, it is very easy to find articles with strong social and political impact. They draw the attention of their contacts to certain issues and invite them, even without participating in person, to events and demonstrations. There is another distinguishing feature: compared to relationship builders, for auctioneers Facebook is not a tool for contacting friends and family.

Social spies and selfies

Social spies are those who hardly ever post anything. Like a simple passerby, they pause to look at a store window, without going inside. Those in this category opened a Facebook profile because they felt compelled to do so. Sharing of personal information is very rare and they use the social to spy on other contacts.

For the "selfie sufferers" Facebook is a tool to show off. They are very active. They publish and comment on posts and especially pictures and videos of themselves. The main goal is to satisfy the narcissistic need to be the center of attention. They are happy if they get likes on photos, and risk falling into depression if, instead, they are not considered.