How to Stop Facebook Tracking

To stop Facebook and other websites tracking you could use special programs or alternative browsers It’s not a mystery that Facebook, just like most websites, tracks us, that is it acquires information (and there is a lot of it) about our online habits. It is able to understand, for example, which sites we visit and … Read more

Beware of airline tickets: hackers steal passenger data

The flight security system, based on the PNR code, is antiquated and easy to understand for cyber criminals who in this way steal information and travel Those who are afraid of taking a plane can reassure themselves. The greatest danger is not the flight but the booking. Yes, because according to an in-depth study by … Read more

Google Call Screen arrives in Italy: how it works

Google Call Screen has arrived in Italy, and promises to make life a lot easier for those who choose to make use of it: here’s what it is and how it works After the Google Pixel 6 practice, at least at an international level – since in Italy it’s expected to be a long wait, … Read more

Mars getting closer, Nasa seeks volunteers for first simulation

The project will begin in fall 2022. The U.S. aerospace agency is seeking astronauts for the first one-year analog mission in a habitat to simulate life on the Red Planet. “Mars is calling!” So begins the announcement, published on the site of Nasa, through which the American aerospace agency has made known that it has … Read more