Family Safety, Microsoft’s parental control app

Microsoft launches Family Safety: parental control app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices After months since the announcement last March and a testing phase in May, Microsoft’s Family Safety parental control app has finally been released. The free app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to set … Read more

Some people know what music tastes like

In the world, about one in twenty people experience a particular neurological condition in which strange connections are made between the senses: synesthesia. Since ancient times, music has been one of the greatest expressions of human feeling – and not only, at least judging by the “melody” that comes from Venus. Notes can and know … Read more

Le lastre del futuro saranno in 3D grazie all’Intelligenza Artificiale

I ricercatori dell’Argonne National Laboratory hanno implementato una rete neurale nello strumento di acquisizione di immagini a raggi X: i risultati aprono alla futura possibilità di avere lastre processate in 3D. Risalgono a Gennaio 2021 i primi risultati della ricerca dell’Argonne National Laboratory, sull’implementazione di AI (Intelligenza Artificiale), nel processare le immagini delle scansioni a … Read more