Family Safety, Microsoft’s parental control app

Microsoft launches Family Safety: parental control app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices

After months since the announcement last March and a testing phase in May, Microsoft's Family Safety parental control app has finally been released. The free app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to set up and manage all of your family's online safety controls.

Creating healthy habits to protect your children both online and offline: that's the description of the parental control app that makes its intent and purpose very clear. In addition to the app, Family Safety also features a web interface that you can access from your browser through your Microsoft account and that functions as a dashboard that allows you to manage every aspect of the controls you set up. Among the many features available, there's the creation of reports on the family's digital activity, including time spent on websites and a list of searched terms, as well as the ability to set restrictions for certain games or apps.

Family Safety, Microsoft's parental control features

Microsoft's parental control app aims to create a safe online space where little ones can explore the web without running into danger. Famely Safety lets you set filters for inappropriate apps and games, as well as browsing websites suitable for children through the use of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also aims to create healthy habits for kids, so Famely Safety lets you set time limits on time spent online, such as limiting specific apps and games on Xbox and Windows, so you can balance time in front of a screen and time outdoors. If you don't want to limit time, but filter the type of games, you can do so by setting limits for apps on Android, Windows, and Xbox. Also, using the devices' GPS-enabled tracker you can see where your family members are and what places they visit most, such as school or work.

Family Safety, parental control safety reports

In addition to limits, Microsoft's app lets you build reports on your family's internet usage so you can determine how safe everyone in the house is. Monitoring digital activity allows you to see how much time was spent online and which sites were the most searched, as well as sending a weekly summary via email to the account that manages Family Safety.

Family Safety, upcoming features

The Family Safety app made its debut in late July in the Google Store and App Store, but there are many features yet to be explored and that Microsoft is considering implementing. Drive Safety could be coming in the next few months, to help you have a more responsible attitude when you're driving.

A Location Alerts that sends a real-time notification when a family member leaves where they're supposed to be, such as your child not getting into school. However, the features will only be reserved for those with a Microsoft 365 Family subscription and not implemented in the free version. Microsoft is also working on bringing some features that are currently unavailable to iOS devices, such as filtering content that younger kids can access.