How it works and how to register on the Tinder dating app

Do you want to know how to register on Tinder? How does it work? Read this article! Find out here how to use this app and some tips to get noticed.

If you've finally decided to go looking for love, or you just want to meet new people, Tinder is the app for you. If you're under 30 and up to 35 years old and you're about to choose your dating app, without a doubt you can rely on Tinder. In this article we'll explain both how it works, but also some secrets to get you noticed among millions of users.

Tinder was born in 2012 as a dating app and to date has reached 57 million users from all over the world. About 700 thousand are from Italy. To use this platform and thus create your Tinder profile, you need to download the app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Installation is simple and fast. The only prerequisite for use is to have a profile on Facebook as well. The fb profile will serve to set your profile photo, name, and to indicate if other of your friends are also using Tinder. Nothing will ever be posted on your Facebook wall, so you can rest assured of that. Your registration can be completed by entering your phone number, but it is not mandatory, and set the location.

How to use Tinder

After downloading the app on your smartphone and registering as a new user, you will have to create your profile. You can put your own photos or images, up to a maximum of 6, write a small biography of yourself. For photos it is advisable to put those in which we are alone and that can represent us the best. Everything is based on the first aesthetic impression and in this case, it is better to avoid putting photos of others. For the biography you have to use 500 characters and you have to use them in the best way. Talking about yourself in a short but concise way, trying to arouse curiosity in the reader. These are the actions you need to perform in order to start using Tinder at its best. To start the search you have to choose who you want to meet among men and women, make a selection by age group and set the range for users in your area. Now Tinder will be able to show you the user profiles based on the filters you have set up for it and you can choose what to do based on the symbols you have available and the swipe.

The symbology of Tinder

If you have followed these first simple steps, you will surely have succeeded in making your first access on Tinder. Activating the localization will help you to refine the search of the registered profiles, which are in your area, showing you possible matches and some symbols that we are going to explain right now. Starting from the left you can see a yellow arrow that serves to make void the last action you have done. Immediately after the yellow arrow there is a red X and it is used to delete the profiles of users who have not particularly impressed you and move on to the next one.

The third symbol is a purple lightning bolt that is used to bring your profile among the first profiles that users in your area can see. It lasts for 30 minutes and is used to be able to create as many matches as possible. This option is obviously paid and you can buy it whenever you want, or in packages of 10 or 5. The next symbol is a green heart, which is used to leave a like to the profile you are viewing if you find it interesting. The last symbol is a blue star that allows you to give a "super like" to the profile you are viewing and immediately shows your profile to the user who received the star. Tinder only makes "super likes" available once a day, so every 24 hours. But by paying a subscription  Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold  you have the possibility to get more stars per day.

The main mechanism on which the app is based is the swipe, that is the action of scrolling to the right or left. If you swipe to the right the profile you are looking at might be interesting to you and you promote it, otherwise swiping to the left that profile will be deleted. Each day Tinder allows you to have only a precise number of swipes and if you use up to the last swipe of the day, you will have to wait 12 hours to be able to do more. The limit is calculated based on the user's usage habits of the app, their habits are analyzed with an algorithm. Obviously with a paid Tinder profile this does not happen, because the swipes are unlimited.

How the match happens on Tinder

Finally after many swipes an interesting profile arrives and you decide to send him your liking. At this point you just have to wait and see if the other person also has an interest in you. If so, the other user will promote your profile and the long-awaited match will take place. Now Tinder will put you in chat contact with the other user and you will have the possibility to write to each other. To show your interest in the profile of a user, remember that you always have the little blue star, which with the super like will make your profile immediately visible to the other user. For example, if you have given your approval to some profiles, which you don't really like, and the other user has done the same, this can lead to not creating a private conversation in chat.

It can also happen that after a match, you realize that the person you are talking to basically doesn't like you that much. At that point you can politely end the conversation because you have every right to do so. If, on the other hand, the person you had the match with agrees, you can continue your discussion on other platforms, such as whatsapp or messenger, or even exchange phone numbers to arrange a date in person. The goal of Tinder is to create matches that then lead to dates made in person. As with any first date, we recommend something that isn't very busy, that allows you to be relaxed and let go easily. Maybe a coffee after lunch would be ideal, or an aperitif, as long as it's something simple and that allows you in case of lack of feeling with the person, to leave without creating problems.

Type of subscriptions on Tinder

Tinder is an application that you can download and use totally free. You can buy, as we had mentioned before, super likes and boosts, which allow your profile to appear to more users in the chosen area, through real currency. If you want to subscribe to Tinder Gold, you will have the ability to see who has liked you even without having left them a mutual appreciation as well. The cost of a premium account starts at €5 each month if you have an annual subscription, and you'll get 5 free super likes for each day and a boost for each month. For Tinder Gold the subscription is 8 euros per month, again if the subscription is annual. Otherwise if you want to pay the single monthly the price is about 30 euros. These subscriptions give the possibility to use many more functions. For example, you can cancel an action that you think is wrong, or you can update the location in real time.

Tips to get noticed on Tinder among millions of users

As you may have noticed using the Tinder application, or even just reading this article, using the platform is really very simple and fast. Enrolled with you are millions of other users who are looking for someone new to get to know. Fundamental are the photos and your description and after getting the match the ball is in your court! At your meeting you will have to prove that you are able to win the other person over with your character and mannerisms. An unwritten law of Tinder is to always specify what you want. Whether you're looking for true love or just a fling, the application has no problem with that, just be honest from the start to avoid disappointment.

Covid-19 and Tinder

The current worldwide pandemic of Corona virus has brought some limitations on travel and this has caused considerable difficulty in making new acquaintances. In fact, many people do not feel comfortable with the idea of making new encounters with people they know nothing about. To address the Covid-19 emergency Tinder has evolved, creating Tinder Passport. This new feature allows you to travel virtually and allows you to be able to meet people anywhere in the world. To make this feature active you just need to go to your profile, go to settings and select location. At this point you can add a new location for your next virtual meetings. This feature can be used by all users, even those who do not have a paid account, to give everyone the opportunity to have new dating in this very special period.