Tables is Google’s new app for organizing workflows

Google launches the new Tables app: an intuitive and easy-to-use workflow organizer

An app for keeping track of work and organizing its flows is the latest innovation unveiled by Area 120, Google's experimental projects incubator. Its name is Tables, and it will allow users to plan work automatically and send emails or chat messages to notify changes and deadlines.

Tables was created as an integrated tool in Google's G Suite ecosystem, allowing you to import data directly from Sheets, share it with team members and assign tasks by selecting Google Contacts directly from your address book. A scheduling app that saves users valuable time that can be spent working rather than tracking tasks that need to be done. At the moment, Tables is only available in the United States and offers both a free plan and a paid plan with a monthly subscription that includes extra features.

Tables, how Google's new app works

The Tables tool is designed by Google to track progress on a project without the need to manually update it. Using the new app, team members will automatically receive reminders related to deadlines, while tasks to be completed can be reassigned based on the availability of one of the team members. In the event of a problem, the tool notifies the entire team so that it can be taken care of as a matter of urgency.

The service is designed for various sectors: from project management, IT support, customer relationship monitoring, product development and launch, as well as personnel management. The app is divided into Bots, which allow users to set automatic actions such as sending email reminders and weekly report updates. In addition, users will be able to choose different display modes including grids, lists, bulletin board and maps.

Tables, an integrated tool with Google

The new app is fully integrated with Google's G Suite service and allows users to import data from Sheets, or in .CVS format or other templates that best suit the user's needs. Tables can also access Contacts and Groups, whose interface has recently been revamped, but most importantly it is compatible with Slack chat.

Tables, release and costs

Tables has been released in beta only in the United States, but Google aims to deploy the tool globally as soon as testing is complete. Google offers a free monthly plan for users that includes 100 tables, 1GB of attachments, 50 shares and other features in a limited form. The paid plan, on the other hand, costs $10 per month per user and includes 1000 tables, 10GB of attachments, 500 shares and adds advanced features.