Holo, the app for selfies and videos with movie stars

The company 8i, which has partnered with Sony Pictures, has created Holo, an app that inserts via holograms movie stars into our shots

We all dream of taking a picture with our favorite singer or footballer. And a nice selfie to share would also be with Spiderman or other superheroes. From today all this will be possible thanks to a new application, Holo. The app that adds famous people to our shots.

Are you wondering how it works? Simple, Holo inserts holograms, with famous TV and movie characters, but also cartoons, to our selfie. For example, thanks to Holo you can take a selfie with Spiederman. And you can use it to animate videos as well. The application was made is available on both iOS and Android devices. Holo was unveiled at a trade show for vloggers in California after the company that developed it (8i) partnered with Sony Pictures. Sony is interested in creating apps that users will be able to use at the movie theater, before after and during movie playback, to take fun and original photos.

Augmented Reality and Smartphones

"Nowadays, new technologies offer people an infinite number of ways to be creative. With Holo we are introducing a new way to create and express themselves using holograms." Explained Steve Raymond, CEO of 8i in a statement. The app takes advantage of one of the technologies of the moment, namely augmented reality. The upcoming iPhone 8, or Decade Edition, will be one of the first to use it, but in the future this technology will be present on almost all types of devices.

How to use Holo

Using Holo is quite easy. After downloading and installing the app, just launch it to start using our camera with integrated augmented reality.  At the moment, given the upcoming release in theaters, the app focuses heavily on Spider-Man but the developers inform that the holograms will be constantly updated to include new movie stars from the past and present.

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