Pokemon Go goodbye: the new Super Mario Run app is coming

The new game with the world's most famous plumber will be released in December on iOS and later on Android, its secret seems to be the software of Unity Technologies

The Pokemon Go effect exploded this summer, perhaps, has already passed. So keep your smartphones and thumbs warm, because the next big hit in mobile games promises to be Super Mario Run. It's time to put the great video game classic in your pocket.

When will Super Mario Run be released and how to play it?

Super Mario Run will be the Christmas present for all Apple users. Around mid-December, in fact, the world's most famous plumber should make his appearance on iPhone and iPad. While those who use an Android smartphone will be able to play it but it seems that they will have to wait a few months more. It is an endless runner. The Temple Run style games, to understand each other. Ovviamente molto più interattivo e con il solito stile della saga Super Mario. Si potrà giocare in single player oppure sfidare in una “battle” gli altri utenti e gli amici. L’obiettivo è quello di raccogliere quante più monete possibile.

Un gioco mobile da record

super-mario-run.jpgFonte foto: Web

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run si preannuncia un gioco da record. Per la Nintendo potrebbe generare nel primo mese dai 50 a 100 milioni di download nello Store. Mentre secondo le analisi fatte dalla concorrenza e riportate sul Wall Street Journal nella prima settimana di lancio Super Mario Run si attesterà tra 1 milione e 4 milioni di download. For many analysts in the industry will have a success even wider than Pokemon Go, given the incredible expectation of the public for this new title.

The secret of success for Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is a company that develops software and in recent times has collaborated in the development of the success of Pokemon Go. For Super Mario Run, it collaborated with Nintendo, but also has ties with Facebook, Google and Amazon. Thanks to its software that vastly improves playability, and allows for interaction with aspects related to augmented and virtual reality, Unity Technologies has doubled its revenue in the past five years. In addition to Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run in time wants to launch the challenge to two sacred monsters among smartphone games: Angry Birds and Candy Crash Saga. The first has been downloaded more than 920 million times since its release in 2009. The latter has "only" exceeded 850 million downloads on the Store. With the latter, Super Mario Run will have one aspect in common: it will be downloadable for free but there will be levels and items that must be purchased.  

The Unity graphics engine

The secret to Unity Technologies lies in its graphics engine, which has been churning out masterpieces for mobile or PC games for years. But also for consoles, such as Nintendo's Wii U. Among the games we think, for example, to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, or the same Angry Birds 2. All this leads to believe, even more, that the new catchphrase of the winter will be Super Mario Run.