Super Green Pass mandatory from today: how the new Verify C19 app works

Here's how the new Verify C19 app works to verify the Super Green Pass, mandatory from today for many activities, and where to download it for Android, iPhone and Huawei phones

From today, December 6, 2021, the new "enhanced Green Pass" or, as everyone calls it, the "Super Green Pass" comes into force. To obtain the new green certificate is no longer enough the tampon, you need to be vaccinated against Covid, or have a certificate of recovery after contracting the disease.

The Super Green Pass is needed to perform certain activities, for which the Green Pass "simple" is no longer sufficient, and the Ministry of Health has tried to clarify the differences between the two types of certification by publishing new FAQ, with a table explaining when the normal Green Pass is enough and when you need the enhanced one, all divided by white zone, yellow, orange. The procedure for verifying the Green Pass has changed, but only slightly: the official app of the Ministry of Health Verification C19 is still used, but there has been a software update that now allows the app to distinguish a normal certificate from a "Super" one. The Green Passes of citizens vaccinated or cured by Covid have already been updated: when verified with the app they are valid Super Green Passes.

How the new C19 Verification works

As for the previous version, also for the new C19 Verification there is an app for all popular smartphones: Android, on the Play Store (at this link), iPhone, on the App Store (at this link), and Huawei, on App Gallery (at this link). The updated version capable of recognizing Super Green Passes is 1.1.8.

The new C19 Verification works practically identically to the old one: you frame the Green Pass and get the result in less than a second. The main difference is in the initial screen, where you can choose the type of verification to be performed: "basic" verification and "enhanced" verification.

If you do not set this choice, therefore, the verification of a Super Green Pass will fail. Dopo aver selezionato la verifica rafforzata, invece, il procedimento per controllare la validità del pass è identico a quello già noto: si fa tap su “Scansiona il QR Code" e poi, con la fotocamera, si inquadra il codice.

In meno di un secondo si ottiene il risultato:

  • Valido in Italia e in Europa
  • Valido solo in Italia
  • Non Valido

Super Green Pass: dove è obbligatorio

I casi in cui il Super Green Pass è obbligatorio e non basta più il Green Pass normale sono molti e, per la maggior parte, sono collegati all’istituzione della zona arancione. Le regole più strette sono quelle che riguardano l’accesso alle attività di ristorazione e di svago.

Il Super Green Pass è obbligatorio, anche in zona bianca, per sedersi al tavolo nei ristoranti al chiuso (anche all’aperto in zona arancione), anche nel caso di ristoranti degli alberghi nei quali si alloggia temporaneamente (ma solo in zona arancione).

The reinforced Green Pass is also required to access "shows open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment and live music venues and other venues (with 100% capacity)" already in the white zone. But also for access to "sports events and competitions in stadiums and arenas (60% capacity indoors and 75% outdoors)", already in the white zone.

No discos, no dance halls, no private parties in public places, already in the white zone, without Super Green Pass. If the parties are consequent to civil or religious ceremonies, the reinforced Green Pass is needed only in the orange zone.

The table with the complete list of the activities allowed without Green Pass, with normal Green Pass and with reinforced Green Pass, in the white, yellow or orange zone, is available at this link.