How to Recover Saved Passwords in Browsers

Recovering saved passwords from browsers is really a piece of cake - just follow some simple steps. Here's how

You can't remember your login credentials for one of your accounts. That's too bad. You try and try again several times to make up your mind but nothing: the password just does not come back to you. Don't despair, maybe all is not lost. You could try recovering private keys from browsers.

Don't understand what we are talking about? Don't worry, it's a very simple concept. You know when the browser asks you to store your passwords? Well, if they have not been deleted, it is possible to track them down. Recovering saved passwords is really a piece of cake. With a few simple steps, if everything goes well, you can get back all the login credentials saved by the browser you use. A trick that can come in very handy in cases of emergency.

That said, it's time to take action. We will explain how to recover saved passwords from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge

Finding passwords stored in Microsoft Edge is not that difficult. The procedure we will explain here can be applied in most Windows versions. First of all, you need to open the "Control Panel". Don't know how to do that? Type its name in the search bar of the Microsoft OS. Now, click on "User Accounts" and then on "Manage Credentials". Next, select the "Manage Web Credentials" option and then click on "Show".

Now, Windows will ask you for your password (it's the one you use to unlock the OS). You will see all account passwords saved by Microsoft Edge. Easy, isn't it?

Google Chrome

You can recover passwords in Google Chrome as well. Again, this is a very simple process. Start by launching the Mountain View browser. In the upper right corner you'll notice an icon in the shape of three vertical dots: click on it. You'll see a menu. Look for the "Settings" option and select it. Then, scroll down the page until you find "Advanced": click on the arrow. Next, from "Passwords and Forms", click on "Password Management". Here you will find the "Saved Passwords" section, which contains your lost credentials. That's it.

Mozilla Firefox

If you use Firefox as your browser, here's how to recover your saved passwords. Once you open Mozilla Firefox, click on the top-right button with three horizontal lines and then on "Options". A screen will open: click on "Security". On the next page, look for and press on "Saved logins" (you'll find it at the bottom of the page). Finally, to recover your saved passwords, all you have to do is select the site and click on "Show passwords".