How to put passwords to iPhone apps

Do you want to improve the privacy of your applephone? Here's how to set passwords for the applications installed on your iPhone, so as to protect them from spies

With the widespread diffusion of smartphones, the risks to our privacy have grown exponentially in recent years. In order to minimize them, in addition to configuring the various methods of unlocking your device and setting up two-factor authentication for all the most sensitive apps, there's another procedure you can perform: password-protect your apps, i.e. block the use of apps using passwords.

You can do this on iPhone and you should do it for at least two reasons. The first is that if you leave your phone unattended (or you lose it or it gets stolen) someone could access the apps on your smartphone without your consent and get into your business. The second is that you may have installed some insecure apps that store data you enter or exchange through other apps. So by setting a password for each app, you greatly limit the risk of your privacy being violated. Here's how to do it on your iPhone.

How to set a password for each app on iPhone

Let's start by saying that, to set passwords for apps on iPhone, you need to have your Apple ID already protected with two-factor authentication. To generate the password related to the individual app, you need to access your Apple ID account page and, in the Security section, you need to click on "Generate Password" (you can find it under "App Specific Passwords"). Then you have to follow all the steps and, if everything goes well, from now on you will be asked for the password every time you access that app. You have to repeat the process for each app you want to password protect, but you can set a maximum of 25 passwords.

How to manage or remove passwords for apps

If you want to change or remove the passwords you have already set, you have to go back to the same "App-specific passwords" section and view the history. Here you can remove a single password by clicking on the "X" next to the app name or click on "Revoke All". Also, all app-specific passwords are tied to your Apple ID, so whenever you change the ID password all passwords for apps are revoked automatically.

How to lock app access with Screen Time

Since iOS 12 Apple has introduced an alternative solution, via Screen Time, to password protect apps. To use this feature you need to go to Settings > Usage Time > Use Time Code. Now choose a password and then click on "All Devices" and choose the device on which you want to enable this feature. You'll be shown the list of apps installed on the device you selected and here you can choose "Add usage limitation". This way you can choose a certain amount of time after which the app will be blocked for you, or anyone else holding your iPhone, will need to enter the password to get back to using the app.