Galaxy M30: features and photos of the low cost Samsung

Samsung presents a new mid-low-end smartphone with an excellent price-quality ratio: here’s how it will be From India comes news that will please fans of Samsung smartphones in Europe as well: the Korean company announced with a tweet that on February 27 will present a new mid-low-end smartphone with a price-performance ratio more than interesting. … Read more

Why many Samsung Galaxy S22s won’t have a Samsung chip

With work on the 2021 top-of-the-line range over, it’s time for Samsung to look ahead to next year and the Galaxy S22: the latest on the chip Except for Galaxy S21 FE which is expected to debut in a few weeks, the “lineup” of Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphones for 2021 ended with the unveiling of the … Read more

Augmented reality on the desktop thanks to a ceiling projector

The Desktopography is a device that can transmit virtual and interactive objects on any flat surface. It screws on like a light bulb A group of American researchers has developed a device that could soon make augmented reality a technology within everyone’s reach. It is a kind of ceiling projector that can reflect interactive images … Read more