Royale FelxPai 3 could be the first €1000 foldable smartphone

Would you buy a foldable smartphone at a price of around €1000? It’s time to ask yourself that question because the upcoming FlexPai 3 could cost a lot less than other foldables. Royole may be ready to launch its third foldable smartphone, FlexPai 3, on the market. The company, the first in the world to … Read more

Bonjour, the smart alarm clock that makes your day better

The ioT device will offer a range of services from weather to traffic forecasts. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Spotify If you hate the sound of your alarm clock, chances are you’ll change your mind in a few months. To make your awakenings less traumatic soon could be Bonjour, a smart device with artificial intelligence. … Read more