Italian companies and security: the biggest fear is cyberespionage

A Trend Micro research has analyzed attack data from the last year: more than 79% of Italian companies were hit by hackers Given recent news events, it’s not surprising that companies in Italy fear cyberespionage and hackers more than anything else. A research by IT security experts Trend Micro brought this fact to light. This … Read more

5G o Fibra? Cosa è meglio per connettersi in vacanza?

Andare in vacanza rimanendo connessi è una possibilità alla quale non rinunciare, considerato che in circolazione ci sono un gran numero di offerte mobile alle quali affidarsi.  A questo proposito, una domanda che spesso entra in gioco è: 5G o fibra? Cosa è meglio per navigare quando ci si trova in vacanza? La risposta dipende, … Read more

How to shop on Instagram

The Shopping function that allows users to discover the price of clothing sponsored in images Where to buy the dress for the wedding of your best friend? On Instagram. Where to buy the bag to match the jacket purchased during the sales? Always on Instagram. Since March 20, 2018 also in Italy has arrived on … Read more