How to shop on Instagram

The Shopping function that allows users to discover the price of clothing sponsored in images

Where to buy the dress for the wedding of your best friend? On Instagram. Where to buy the bag to match the jacket purchased during the sales? Always on Instagram. Since March 20, 2018 also in Italy has arrived on Instagram the Shopping feature that allows you to buy the products in the images directly on the social network.

The feature was launched in the United States in November 2016 and it took more than a year to see it also in Italy. The tool is aimed at all Business accounts and allows companies to insert a tag within the images with the name and price of the object or item of clothing protagonist of the photo. But that's not all. Within their own profile, companies will be able to add a "Shopping" section where all images with products "on sale" will be collected. The Shopping function cannot be used in Instagram Stories.

If for companies it is one more tool to sell their products and attract inbound traffic to their e-commerce, for users it is a new way to shop. With the new feature you can buy bags, clothes, hats, shoes, jeans and any other kind of product sponsored by companies on Instagram. The Shopping feature has made it very easy to buy on Instagram: it only takes a few taps on the screen to fill your wardrobe. Here's how to do it

How to buy on Instagram

Instagram has huge potential not yet fully exploited by the platform. Turning into an e-commerce platform is one of them. Posts with the Shopping tag will feature a small button in the bottom left corner that says "Tap to view products". Clicking on the button will appear in the image of the tags in correspondence of the objects for sale: for each product there will be the name and the price. To get more information you will need to press on the product you intend to buy and you will be directed to another window where there will be a full description of the product, the price and the link to e-commerce to buy it (just press "Buy now"). Once you arrive on the platform where the product is on sale, you can choose the color, size and everything else, as when you make an online purchase. Even the payment will take place directly on the e-commerce platform and Instagram will not receive any commission.

Images that contain the Shopping tags cannot be sponsored and cannot appear within the Stories on Instagram.