Instagram password: here’s how to change it

If you forgot your instagram password and want to recover or change it, read this article! You'll find out what to do to change your Instagram password.

Very often it happens that you need to login to your Instagram account from another device. This happens, for example, when, for various needs, you decide to log in with your computer. Very often, however, you find yourself doing this when you have purchased a new mobile device. In most cases, you just use the same password for any account. This is not recommended, considering how easy it is to be a victim of online scams. Others, however, prefer to use a common root, varying their main password slightly. In this way, by remembering two or three variants, it will be possible to recover the exact password for the access you need. However, this method is far from infallible, since it relies on your own memory skills. In case of loss of your Instagram password, however, you can always log in to your account by following the instructions below.

Instagram: recover your password

The first procedure you can perform to recover your forgotten Instagram password is to use your email address. In fact, it is necessary to prove in some way that you are the user who owns the account. Having 50% of the information needed to log in is a great first step.

Once you launch the application, you'll have to go to the login area, clicking on the "Forgot password?". This will open a new screen where you will have to select the "User Name" tab. You have to write your e-mail address, paying attention to possible typing errors. By clicking on the "Next" button you will receive an email from the automatic system of Instagram. At this point you'll have to access your email account (in case you don't remember this password, you can do the same procedure, provided that an alternative email was indicated when creating the account). Once you have found the email in question, open it and click on "Reset your Instagram password".

A new screen will open, where you must enter the access key in the email received. This will have to be placed in the "New password" and "New password confirmation" fields, and then click on the "Reset password" button. In this way you'll quickly have access to your Instagram account, although with a totally new password, which you'll have to quickly change for your own security.

In case you have to carry out some urgent operations on the famous social network, it will be totally accessible with the temporary password you just reset. Therefore, it can be used without limitations. You can also recover your password without having to access your email. The phone number linked to the Instagram account will be enough. You'll have to repeat the same procedure, but this time you'll have to enter your cell phone number, on which you'll then receive an SMS with a link, so that you can set a new temporary password, which you'll have to change later.

Instagram: changing your password

Once you've regained access to your Instagram account, you'll have to deal with changing your password, replacing the temporary one you've recently received by email with an easy-to-remember one. Once you click on the symbol of the little man, located at the bottom right of the application, you will enter your profile.

At this point you will have to click on the three dots in the upper right corner. The "Options" page will open. Scroll down until you find the "Account" section and the "Change Password" item. By clicking on this, you will be able to paste the password you received by email, then transcribe a new easy to remember code, confirm it and activate it.