WindTre, Tim and Vodafone goodbye to call charging: what changes

From September WindTre, Vodafone and TIM will eliminate the service that allows you to charge the call to the recipient. Here's what's changing

From September, WindTre, Vodafone and Tim customers will have to do without the possibility of charging the recipient of the call. The three telephone operators, in fact, have decided to discontinue the service, although the reason is not known very well. Probably was no longer used by users (now most people have a monthly subscription with unlimited minutes) and was just a cost to be incurred.

As reported by MondoMobileWeb, the service will be canceled next month: WindTre and TIM have set the date of September 14, while Vodafone on the official page of the service generically indicates the month of September (probably the chosen day will always be the 14). What does this service allow you to do? Very simply, if you don't have enough money on your SIM credit, you can request to charge the call to the recipient. The service can be used by any user and to activate it you must enter a string of numbers and characters before and after the phone number. The string varies depending on the operator.

WindTre, Vodafone and TIM goodbye to call charges: what changes

Call charges will no longer be available to Tim, WindTre and Vodafone customers from September. In fact, WindTre's Pensaci Tu, Vodafone's 4088 For Me and Tim's Pay For Me services will be discontinued by the operators and will not be replaced with other offers. Despite the different name, the operation of the service is the same for all: a user can decide to request that the cost of the call be charged to the recipient. When the recipient answers, he is notified that he is charged and can decide to accept or reject. A user may also decide to place a block on all requests to charge the call. Charging can be done to other mobile operator numbers as well as to landline numbers.

How Call Charging Works

To request call charging each operator uses a different process.

Vodafone customers must prefix the number 4088 and also enter the default code *111* followed by the phone number you want to call and the # key.

The service Pensaci Tu by WindTre is a little easier to use: just enter the code 4088 before the phone number.

Same procedure also for the Pay for Me service by Tim: just prefix 4088 to the number you want to call.