Ho.Mobile, the new low-cost phone operator of Vodafone

Vodafone to answer to Kena of TIM and Iliad is about to launch its virtual operator Ho.Mobile, here is the possible initial offer and how to activate SIM

After Kena of TIM also Vodafone is about to present the offers of its virtual operator, Ho.Mobile. The new low-cost operator of Vodafone's house is about to land also in Italy to try to counter the success of Iliad.

To tell the truth, Ho.Mobile has been talked about since 2017 with Vodafone that has repeatedly announced and then denied the launch of this virtual operator in Italy. Now that the Italian market has been shaken by the low offers after the landing of the French company Iliad, even Vodafone has decided to make official the arrival of Ho.Mobile. The motto of the launch campaign is "Ho Tutto Chiaro". The meaning is that with Ho.Mobile there will be no hidden prices, sudden increases and additional costs for services. And not even charges for portability, activation or migration. A bit the same philosophy brought forward by both Iliad and Fastweb Mobile.

What is Ho.Mobile?

The virtual operator phone Ho.Mobile is controlled by the company VEI, which stands for Vodafone Enabler Italia. It is therefore a telephone operator 100% in the hands of Vodafone, more precisely we are talking about a Full MVNO. In practice Ho.Mobile independently manages every service except the network, which is the same as Vodafone. And the network is a crucial point. Vodafone in fact for what concerns reception and speed of navigation with data connection is among the most appreciated by users, even if according to the first indiscretions with Ho.Mobile you will navigate only in 3G. This means that Vodafone will keep the 4G network only for its "official" users, while those who want a low cost operator will have to settle for surfing more slowly. But nothing is certain yet. According to sources close to Vodafone in fact the UK company is thinking of launching Ho.Mobile in 4G to differentiate itself from TIM's Kena (still in 3G despite announcements of an imminent switch to 4G) and to attract as many new users as possible.

How to activate Ho.Mobile SIM

Although there are several missing information about Ho.Mobile Vodafone has already made it known how the SIMs of the new low-cost operator will be activated. In addition to the sale in temporary stands and in physical stores Ho.Mobile will also be available online via certified signature for customer identification.

Ho.Mobile launch offer

In Italy according to the first rumors Ho.Mobile should arrive with an offer very similar to that presented by Iliad at the time of arrival on the Italian market. We are therefore talking about 30GB of Internet data plus an unlimited voice package at a price of 6.99 euros per month. Only one euro more than the current rate proposed by the French company.