How to change your shipping address on Amazon

You've just moved, even for a while, or changed your home address, which now doesn't match the data you entered on your Amazon profile. You don't know how to update them and you need a quick rundown on the features of the world's most popular e-commerce. You're in the right place: in this article we'll dispel all your doubts about the most common Amazon settings.

The guide is designed to provide you with all the information dedicated to what you've always wanted to know about your personal Amazon account and in particular about the list of shipping addresses, so that this time you won't make a mistake in delivering the package.

How many times have you happened to move, even for a few days, and have to receive an Amazon package at your new address? You place the order, as usual, and without thinking about it you give the OK for the transaction. That's it! You just shipped your package to the wrong address! In addition to being able to change it at a moment's notice, you can also change your Amazon shipping address once you've made your purchase. Of course, you have to do it in a short time, before the package is sorted, but let's proceed in order, so that your purchases go smoothly as oil.

Amazon: how to change the shipping address

Whatever need prompts you to change the shipping address that, at the creation of the account, you have set on Amazon, do not worry. The procedure is quick and easy, and can be done from your PC, your smartphone or tablet, or through the official Amazon app downloadable from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple). Here's the list of procedures, so you really can't go wrong.

From PC, you can change the Amazon shipping address via web browser by logging in with your account. Then go to "Accounts and Lists" and then click on "Addresses". From here you'll get an overview of all the existing addresses on your account, so you won't miss a single one. If you want to add a new one, all you have to do is click on the "+, Add address" icon and enter all the address data, including information such as the name on the doorbell to facilitate the work of the courier.

In case you made a mistake in typing, you can always edit the existing addresses by going to the list to update all the incorrect information, from the house number to the province.

From the same menu you can also remove an existing address, so that it no longer happens to send it to a home where you have not lived for a while. Alternatively, you can enter the address of your neighbor, with whom you have made arrangements, so that your packages arrive to him, who may be at home while you are at work.

From your smartphone or tablet, you can access Amazon from your browser or from your official App available for both Android and iOS. After logging in, the address change operations are essentially always the same. Regardless of whether you're operating from Firefox, Edge, Chrome or other browsers or from the App, go to the icon with the horizontal bars that you find at the top left and select the "My Account" item. From there, scroll down to the "Addresses" section and tap on it. You'll be shown all the addresses you've entered. You can add a new one to create a new address, even very different from the others.

The important thing is that once you have completed the form you click on "Add Address", at the bottom, to save the changes made.

Or you can edit an existing one, going to correct the data that are no longer correct or that perhaps contain an error that has already caused you problems previously. Salva sempre le modifiche prima di uscire!

Le istruzioni di consegna: come modificarle

Dal menù degli indirizzi, quando disponibile per quel domicilio, potrai fare click sulla dicitura in azzurro "Aggiungi le istruzioni di consegna". Si tratta di una sezione che favorisce il lavoro del corriere e migliora la qualità delle spedizione. Attenzione perché non tutte le destinazioni hanno a disposizione questo menù: a volte, semplicemente, il tuo indirizzo non è adatto al servizio per motivi di consegna non dipendenti da te.

Per comodità, puoi aggiungere anche delle "Istruzioni di consegna", ovvero indicazioni precise su:

  • Tipo di proprietà (casa, appartamento, azienda, altro)
  • Dove lasciare il pacchetto (sulla porta, in terrazzo, nella cassetta degli attrezzi, in giardino, in garage, al vicino di casa, nessuna preferenza)
  • Indicazioni aggiuntive su come trovare l’indirizzo, nel caso tu dovessi abitare in un posto un po’ sperduto, non temere. Puoi inserire le indicazioni che faciliteranno l’accesso al tuo domicilio recondito al corriere, aiutandolo a trovare casa tua anche quando non è per niente facile.
  • Ulteriori istruzioni, come preferenze sull’orario di consegna.

Modificare l’indirizzo di spedizione di un ordine Amazon

Hai effettuato un ordine su Amazon e non vedi l’ora di ricevere il pacco. Purtroppo, però, ti sei reso conto che l’indirizzo inserito contiene un errore, oppure è proprio quello sbagliato! Non ti preoccupare: hai un po’ di tempo per modificarlo prima che il pacco venga spedito. La procedura che segue è semplice, ma può essere eseguita solo da PC, tramite il tuo browser preferito, entro massimo 30 minuti (forse qualche minuto in più qualora fossi fortunato) dalla conferma dell’acquisto.

Modificare l’indirizzo prima dell’elaborazione dell’ordine

Effettua l’accesso al tuo account Amazon e vai sulla sezione "I miei ordini". Locate the order you just placed and look to the right: select "View or Edit Order" to access the details, and then click the edit button below the address to make the necessary corrections. You'll be able to choose from your saved addresses, or create a new one if you need to. If Amazon allows you this procedure, it means that you're still in time. If, however, the option does not appear, it means that the order has already been processed and probably shipped or is about to be shipped. In this case you only have two options.

Change address after order processing

You realized too late that you made a mistake in the Amazon shipping address, and the order has already been processed. Don't worry, don't despair. You can still fix it. In case you ordered from a seller who delivers through Amazon, you can request a cancellation. It will take a while and, if the package hasn't already been shipped, you may be able to cancel and do it all over again.

In the case of sellers independent of Amazon, write to them as soon as possible and explain that you have the wrong delivery address. Kindly ask him if you can change the necessary details and, if he hasn't already processed the transaction, he will probably indulge you by changing the delivery address in real time.

Requesting an address change for a specific order does not change the official address you have saved in the address list. This means that if you want to make those changes permanent, i.e. valid for subsequent orders as well, you need to do the steps we mentioned above so that you can be 100% sure that you won't find yourself having to ask a favor of a customer service again.

What if the Amazon parcel has already been shipped?

In case your Amazon parcel has already been shipped to the wrong address, you can wait for the courier to tell you that the delivery address is wrong, or you can receive it at the wrong address by getting help from a friend or relative. In this case, if you are unable to receive it, you can perform the return procedures to deliver the content to Amazon in a few days. Alternatively, you can pick it up at the wrong address as soon as it is delivered.

Remember that Amazon's support service can be reached by phone every working day during office hours, or by e-mail or chat. If you have concerns about an incorrect delivery address or got lost during the process of changing an address, contact them. They will be happy to guide you in real time in the modification of all the necessary data to make the delivery of parcels a simple, comfortable and intuitive procedure.

Amazon: parcel delivered and never received

It could be an error due to the fact that you typed your address wrongly in the Amazon form, or an error of the courier or of the system. It doesn't matter: the fact is that your package was delivered, but you just didn't see it. In the moment in which the package is delivered but in fact it is not, you can call the courier, providing the tracking number, or contact the seller for a possible refund or resend. It will be up to him to decide which procedure he wants to deal with, based also on the good faith shown.

Whatever is your problem with the Amazon shipping address, remember that the e-commerce service of reference is one of the most famous and important in the world, and usually, with a little patience and a few minutes to spend on customer service, the operators will be able to help you even if you made the mess. Often all it takes is a kind word and the person in charge will go out of their way not to leave you unsatisfied - even if it's a discount code for your next order!