How to get the blue tick on Instagram

If you want to have a verified Instagram profile with a blue tick, read this article on Free Technology. You'll find out what the requirements are to get it.

Since 2018, you can request Instagram account verification, a procedure that allows you to authenticate your profile. Although it is not an automatic operation, since the merit assessment is made by the platform, it is important for brands and influencers, but not only, to send the application and protect their original account. Here's how to get the blue tick on Instagram.

What is the Instagram blue tick?

The boom of Instagram has created a strong business interest around the platform, with many companies moving their investments to this social network. Nowadays, there are a lot of influencers working with brands, however there is also the problem of unofficial profiles.

These are non-original accounts, opened by fans and other people who actually take advantage of the visibility of the original Instagram profile, to receive more popularity within the platform. For this reason, the social network has introduced the blue tick, a kind of guarantee seal, which allows us to understand if it is really the official verified account of the person or company we want to follow.

The meaning of the blue tick of Instagram is therefore twofold, on the one hand it protects original profiles that could suffer image or economic damage, on the other hand it assures users that the account is actually the real one, not an imitation or a fan club. At the same time, obtaining this certification is neither simple nor immediate, so let's see right now how to do it.

How to get the blue tick on Instagram

As we have seen, since 2018 it is possible to receive the officialization of the Instagram profile, through the recognition of a seal of authenticity of the account. To start the procedure for requesting the blue tick, you first need to access your profile, logging in via the app for mobile devices or from the web platform, in fact, it is possible to carry out the operation in both modes.

At this point, you need to enter the settings of your personal account, select the item Request verification and fill out the form for applying for authentication. Here you just need to enter some personal information, such as your first and last name, then you need to upload an electronic identification document (driver's license, passport or ID card) and send the request.

Blue badge on Instagram: what are the requirements?

It's not always easy to get the coveted verified badge on Instagram, in fact, the company makes it known that it is issued only to the most prominent people. In particular, it is recognized to celebrities, prominent personalities and brands, people and companies whose presence of fake profiles could create considerable image and economic damage.

Sometimes even for an influencer it is not easy to receive the verified badge on Instagram, although a strong presence in his field and a high number of followers in the niche of reference. For an ordinary user, even with a lot of followers, it is often really difficult to get the blue tick, however, if the official procedure does not work you can try alternative solutions.

How to get verified on Instagram: alternative methods

If after several attempts, with waiting for days or weeks without any feedback, still has not arrived the verification badge, there are some options that you can try. First of all, you can improve your Instagram profile, inserting more information in the account tab, also adding any official social channels, links to websites and other platforms to increase the authority of the profile.

In the same way it is essential to have a curated and detailed biography, in which to highlight the fact that it is the original account. Then you can integrate photos or symbols to differentiate your account, making it easily recognizable by users. After these steps you can try again the procedure for the verification of the Instagram profile, in the hope of receiving the blue tick.

Not less important is the reporting of fake profiles, or those not official, by sending a complaint to Instagram. To do this there is a special function in the platform, just use the Report option and indicate the reason. These actions do not guarantee the blue tick, but they allow you to protect the original profile and have more chances in future requests for account verification.

Blue tick on Instagram: what are the benefits?

Having a verified account on Instagram is really important, especially if you use the platform commercially. This doesn't just apply to brands and influencers, but also to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, dancers, journalists and anyone with a public reputation to uphold. Unlike other social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, unofficial profiles can be created on Instagram.

Sometimes it's really hard to tell which account is the original one, so you may end up following the wrong person or brand. The damage and risks are obvious, just think of a user who is looking for the digital entrepreneur's online course, or who wants to download the latest album of his favorite singer. The reliability of Instagram profiles with the blue tick is even more relevant for minors, as it avoids the risk of ending up in fake accounts behind which malicious people can also hide.