Google Maps, new feature for public transportation users

Google Maps updates with new features to make it easier to travel by public transportation and avoid crowds Is there a line at the bus stop because you only get in a few at a time because of Covid-19? Google Maps tells you. They won’t let you on the train if you don’t have a … Read more

The smartphone that recharges with the sun, Xiaomi’s patent

Xioami has filed a patent for a smartphone with a photovoltaic panel integrated in the back: here’s how it will look Stop autonomy anxiety with Xiaomi’s new patent: the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has in fact patented the phone with a photovoltaic panel on the back, to recharge the battery with solar energy. The patent is … Read more

Natale Hi-Tech, tanti regali a meno di 50 euro

La scelta dei regali di Natale può mettere in difficoltà, specie se si tratta di doni destinati a chi non fa parte della cerchia di parenti o amici più cari. Dal vicino di casa che ci ha innaffiato le piante durante le ferie al collega di lavoro che ha coperto qualche nostra magagna, dal medico … Read more

Windows 7 has a bug: Google invites you to upgrade to Win 10

Some Google technicians have identified a new flaw in Windows 7 and, for this, they invite everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 Dear users, Windows 7 is no longer safe and it is the case that you should consider upgrading your PC to Windows 10. It’s not Microsoft that says it, but Google. The online … Read more