Windows 7 has a bug: Google invites you to upgrade to Win 10

Some Google technicians have identified a new flaw in Windows 7 and, for this, they invite everyone to upgrade to Windows 10

Dear users, Windows 7 is no longer safe and it is the case that you should consider upgrading your PC to Windows 10. It's not Microsoft that says it, but Google. The online search giant, in fact, also has a large group of computer security experts that, at yet another flaw discovered in the old operating system of the Redmond company have launched the alarm.

The new flaw discovered by Google technicians is quite serious and concerns some files of the Windows 7 kernel. If a hacker were to manage to take advantage of the vulnerability, he would be able to both bypass the sandbox that protects user activities and obtain system administrator privileges. In short, a rather serious bug that could allow cybercriminals to take possession of your Windows 7 PC and spy on everything you do.

Why Google recommends upgrading to Windows 10

As you know, Windows 7 is not updated very frequently and, in less than a year, Microsoft will stop supporting it for good. This means that no more updates will be released, unless you are willing to pay for them. This is precisely why Google recommends installing the new version of Windows: an operating system without updates is theoretically at the mercy of any hacker or hacker. Whatever flaw is discovered, in fact, it will not be "plugged" and will represent a danger to your data and the integrity of your computer system.

Furthermore, as Big G's computer security technicians explain, the vulnerability does not seem to be present in Windows 10. All the more reason to say goodbye to Windows 7 for good and switch to Microsoft's new operating system.