Fortnite, the Hunger Games arrive: how to become Katniss and win

In the map appears the famous arena, divided into sections, with different ways to kill opponents

Those who have not read the saga of the Hunger Games novels written by Suzanne Collins, will surely have watched the film adaptation, in which a fantastic heroine, Katniss, must fight inside an arena to overcome the various games provided by the event. What does Fortnite have to do with it? Thanks to the "Creative Mode", the Battle Royale signed Epic Games will allow you to play as the protagonist of the trilogy.

The user Jxdvn has created the Hunger Games-style map, trying to reproduce just the famous arena, divided into sections, each of which has different ways to kill opponents. Warning: there are traps that you can see in the immediate, while some are really well hidden. There are few weapons available and you can find them inside a "Cornucopia" in the center of the map.

To make the map reproduction in Fortnite, the creator took about a month. He also announced that there will be additional weekly updates to improve the map and fix the bugs present. Are you ready to step into the shoes of Katniss and face the Hunger Games? If you want to get an idea here are the images in the video spread by the user on Reddit.

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