Opera for Android offers free and unlimited VPN

Opera for Android offers free VPN protection for all users. Here's how to activate it and how to use it

That VPN is one of the security measures to take to defend your privacy and the data you exchange online is now a well-known fact. This technology, in fact, allows you to create an anonymous and encrypted connection with the websites you want to visit, allowing you to hide our activity and protect yourself from man in the middle attacks.

And if VPNs for PC are now used by millions of users around the world, slowly this technology is starting to make its way into the mobile world. Of course, in this case the choice of the VPN to rely on is more complex (also for security reasons), but if you look hard enough you can find on Android and iOS stores a VPN service you can trust. In this panorama, the Opera browser tries to turn the tables by returning to offer free VPN to all users. A feature already present in the browser for PC and now arriving on hundreds of millions of Android users worldwide.

How to activate Opera VPN on Android

According to the statements of the developers of the browser, the VPN for Android will be completely free, with no usage limits and, above all, will not keep logs of users' browsing. This means that Internet users using Opera VPN will not have to worry about any tracking of their online activity.

To use Opera VPN all you have to do is enter the app's options and activate the feature. Users will also be able to choose the "nationality" of the servers through which their data will pass (between America, Europe and Asia) or let the browser choose the ideal zone for their browsing.