Security: free VPN for Google One users

Google One offers a new service to its users: those who subscribe will be able to have a free VPN connection for their Android devices

Google adds another piece to security by offering its Google One users a free VPN connection. Dedicated to Android-based devices, this private network will allow you to browse and share information away from prying eyes even on the move, when using insecure Wi-Fi networks.

Not all public networks are able to provide an acceptable degree of security, especially when you use them to perform operations that involve access to sites containing personal information or transactions that require you to enter your credit card number. Compared to personal connections, they are more at risk of hacker attacks or intrusions that, once collected these data, could make illicit use of them or, worse, share them making them potentially visible to an unlimited number of people. This doesn't happen when you use a VPN, which stands for virtual private network, which makes a tunnel that shields you from potential unwelcome observers.

VPN Google One: who can use it

As confirmed by Google, connecting to the VPN is completely free for some of the users of Google One, the storage service of the Mountain View company. To access it, you'll need to have a subscription of at least 2TB of space, the latter available for €99.99 per year or €9.99 per month.

The VPN network, fully encrypted, is exclusively reserved for use by users with Android devices. At launch, it will only be available to subscribers living in the United States, but, as we can see from Big G's communication, the service will soon be extended to other geographical areas.

VPN Google One: how it works

To access it, just use the Google One app, already available for download on Google Play Store and soon for iOS, Windows and Mac. Once downloaded, all you have to do is tap on the app to activate the secure connection and surf the web without the risk of sharing your IP or other identifiers with third parties.

VPN Google One: available for the whole family

The Google One VPN can also be shared with other family members, up to five people in addition to the subscription owner. All this, will be done for free and everyone will be able to surf through their own device. To learn more about all the details of the private connection of Google One, Big G has also offered dedicated consulting sessions provided by experts, bookable by logging in with your account in the dedicated area of the service.