The role of Big Data for the development of Industry 4.0

According to some analysts, Big Data is the main resource for companies that want to invest in Industry 4.0

When people talk about Industry 4.0, they almost always mention several new technologies: 3D printing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics. In contrast, Big Data is mentioned less frequently. Yet the fourth industrial revolution will depend heavily on the use and analysis of data.

Nowadays, virtually every device allows companies to collect data on consumers. Computers, smart objects, wearables, and especially smartphones record our location and buying habits&nbsp. Just to name a few of the information collected. What role will Big Data play within the fourth industrial revolution? According to experts, data will be the main protagonists of Industry 4.0. To give an example, in the manufacturing sector, improvements and efficiency in Big Data analysis will lead companies to save millions.

Big Data and Job Opportunities

For some of the most experienced analysts in the market, actually Big Data represents Industry 4.0. Data analytics will make the jobs of employees in companies more efficient but on the other hand it risks decreasing the demand for "human" workforce. But the picture is not catastrophic for everyone. Several experts point to a change in the job figures in demand. Some jobs will disappear, but others will be created.

Big Data useful in all sectors

The beauty of Industry 4.0 is that compared to past industrial revolutions it will affect almost all sectors and industrial markets. Therefore, it will not be only the field related to manufacturing that will be affected by this upheaval in the working process. Data can be useful in all fields. And the increasing use of Internet of Things objects will bring more and more of it. According to IBM, SMBs and companies currently targeting investments in Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence will be the market leaders within a few years.