Google Glass 2, devices designed for Industry 4.0

Google returns to focus on augmented reality, presenting the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, an edition designed for the industrial sector

Google was one of the first companies to launch a pair of glasses for augmented reality. Designed primarily for individual users, the goggles were not as successful as the California-based company had hoped. Now, after the unsuccessful attempt, Mountain View is trying again, presenting a new version of Google Glass.

This time, however, the target to which Google turns is different. The Enterprise Edition, this is the name of the latest model of Glass AR, are designed for Industry 4.0. A partly understandable decision, considering the growing demand for augmented reality devices in companies. Alongside automation and the Internet of Things, in fact, more and more companies are interested in even more advanced technologies, and augmented reality, along with virtual reality will be one of the main trends that will change the industrial sector in 2017.

More ergonomic

The new edition of Google Glass has improved features, compared to the unsuccessful first version. The design has been optimized: the glasses seem to be, in fact, more ergonomic. They also have protective screens, useful for safeguarding the eyes of people who perform certain dangerous jobs. The Enterprise Edition has been developed precisely for use, for example, in logistics or on the assembly line. And that's not all.

Improved technical features

Taking a look, instead, at the technical features, Google has improved the Wi-Fi reception system and the battery, now able to last up to a maximum, according to what we learn, of 8 hours. Mountain View's AR glasses integrate an 8-megapixel front-facing camera.


And we come to the price. The cost of the Google Glass 2 should be around $1,000, around 850 euros, according to the current exchange rate.