Adobe Premiere Rush CC, the video making app designed for youtubers

Adobe has launched the first video editing app designed for YouTubers without much specific knowledge, here's how to use Premiere Rush CC

Is your dream to become a world-famous YouTuber? Do you have a creative idea that you'd like to turn into a viral video but you don't have much editing knowledge? No problem, Adobe has presented Premiere Rush CC, a simplified editing program that will make life much easier for YouTubers.

Adobe has always been among the leaders of various programs for computers and smartphones for editing movies and photos. Therefore, the company is well aware of the initial difficulties that a user with no knowledge of video editing and editing may have when approaching the world of editing for the first time. Also because most people try to start creating their own videos for YouTube or other platforms as an autodidact, i.e. without taking specific courses or classes. However, without good editing quality and original editing, making it on YouTube nowadays is almost impossible. That's why Adobe has created the Premiere Rush CC app to offer editing, filters and quality changes to videos in a very simple way even to newbies or aspiring YouTubers.

What is it and how does Adobe Premiere Rush work

Project Rush, the new video editing program by Adobe is already available for Windows PC, macOS and iOS, with support for Android coming only towards the first half of 2019. We can define it as a simplified version of Premiere Pro. Basically, it's a version with professional features adapted to the world of YouTubers and people without special editing knowledge. So we find an intuitive interface with a virtual assistant that will help us in carrying out any type of operation of editing, saving or sharing the video. An example? The artificial intelligence created by Adobe for Premiere Rush automatically adapts a song or background music that we insert in the text to avoid overlapping in case there are spoken parts in the movie. As it is designed for YouTube, it also has several specific features designed exclusively for Google's video portal, such as scheduling the publication and choosing the images to use as thumbnails.

Regarding prices Adobe Premiere Rush CC will be divided into different plans, the monthly one costs 12.19 euros, while the annual one 145.52.

But there is also a free plan, called Starter, with which you can edit and export only 3 movies without paying. The cloud storage space in the paid plan is 100GB, only 2GB instead in the cloud with the free Starter plan.