What the Northern Lights sound like: the answers from science

A study traces centuries of observation and confirms: the Northern Lights really do emit a particular sound that is audible from Earth The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that has fascinated scientists around the world for centuries: they were recorded by the first technical instruments as early as 1859 on the sidelines of the Carrington … Read more

Messenger, in Android beta version integrates a data saver

Facebook Messenger continues its work for saving data and develops a data saver. The feature is currently available in the beta version of Android Some of you have surely happened to run out of internet traffic after using Facebook Messenger with a certain frequency. Result? Either you wait for the next renewal of the offer, … Read more

When comes the Amazon docuseries on Paris Saint-Germain

For lovers of international soccer the is coming a date to mark in the diary: Amazon Prime Video announces its first TV series on Paris Saint-Germain. Amazon announced the inclusion in the Prime Video catalog, starting September 10, of a docuseries dedicated to Paris Saint-Germain that fans of the sport will appreciate. Prime Video is expanding … Read more

Tariffe telefonia mobile più convenienti: le promozioni dell’estate 2021

Se siete alla ricerca di una nuova offerta mobile per risparmiare, l’estate potrebbe essere il momento migliore per individuare la promozione più economica e per cambiare operatore o numero.  Nelle prossime righe saranno presentate le tariffe telefonia mobile più convenienti disponibili in questo momento, ricordando che alcune potranno essere attivate da tutti, mentre altre soltanto … Read more

Adobe Premiere Rush CC, the video making app designed for youtubers

Adobe has launched the first video editing app designed for YouTubers without much specific knowledge, here’s how to use Premiere Rush CC Is your dream to become a world-famous YouTuber? Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to turn into a viral video but you don’t have much editing knowledge? No problem, Adobe … Read more

How to lose weight in a short time thanks to technology

Thanks to technological devices you can lose weight in a short time. Fitness trackers and smartwatches allow you to keep track of your physical activity Vegan diet, low carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable centrifuges: in recent years people have tried the most varied ways to lose weight. But they are not always effective, especially if they … Read more