The special version of Apple Glass will cost like a car

A ten thousand dollar version dedicated to Steve Jobs is also being considered for Apple Glass. Here's how it will be made

The YouTuber Jon Prosser has revealed in recent days that the Apple Glass will be made, which will come on the market in the first quarter of 2022 at the latest and will have a starting price of $ 499. This leak has sparked a long series of responses, doubts and denials, but Prosser is convinced of what he says and continues to make revelations: there will also be a version "Steve Jobs Heritage", which will cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

A bit like what happened with the Apple Watch Edition in gold by 10 thousand dollars, then, sooner or later will come a "vintage" version of smart glasses dedicated to the founder of Apple. A little 'commemoration a little' ruthless marketing, because this version according to Prosser will cost a fortune. According to the YouTuber, therefore, Apple Glass will not be just one but a whole range: those from $ 499 will be the entry level version, those vintage dedicated to Jobs will be the top of the range. But according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Jon Prosser would have made a big confusion about Apple Glasses, because the products coming in reality would be two and not just one.

Apple Glass Steve Jobs Heritage: how they will be

Prosser does not specify much about how Apple Glasses dedicated to Steve Jobs will be, but it is very likely that they will follow the style of glasses worn in the last years of life by the founder of Apple. Jobs has in fact used many models of glasses, but all quite similar: circular lenses, very thin metal frames. The most famous were the Lunor Classic Rund: round glasses with a "glasant" frame, that is open. But Prosser also claims to have seen another version, not in limited edition, which looks very similar to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer worn instead by the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

Is Prosser wrong?

Between one indiscretion and another, it is also right to report that an authoritative journalist as Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes that all the news that are circulating in recent days on Apple Glass are an invention. Prosser himself replied to Gurman: "Great respect for you, see you next year". But Gurman also clarified, "Here's why I think there's been some confusion: there are two devices. An Apple mixed reality AR and VR visor (N301) that will be announced as early as 2021 (delayed from 2020) and sold from 2022. And there are also pure AR glasses (N421) that won't launch until late 2022 or in 2023."