Telegram improves again: what’s new in version 8.2

Media and groups focus the attention of Telegram updates, which, a few days before the beginning of November, launches some new features not to be missed

With the month of November comes a new round of updates on Telegram. The instant messaging application born as an alternative to WhatsApp, but which has now become a much more complex and powerful communication tool, has introduced some useful features that greatly improve the user experience during use, simplifying some routine operations within the chats and implementing interesting tools for the management of groups and channels: here's what it is.

The updates of Telegram are now a certainty, steps forward with which the development team aims to make more and more pleasant and functional the presence of users on the platform led by Pavel Durov. If the last time to end up in the spotlight were the features dedicated mainly to the visual aspect with themes and emoji in the front row, this time the focus has shifted to the management of shared media and access of new members to groups and channels, already at the center of discussions for the introduction of advertising. In addition to these, there are also other useful elements that expand the possibilities of customization of the interface: many new features to discover.

Telegram 8.2, the main new features between media, groups and channels

Among the new features included in version 8.2 of Telegram, one of the most important is the consultation of shared media. For each chat, tapping on the title at the top of the screen and scrolling down, we find a date bar that allows you to quickly scroll through images, photos and videos. Moreover, with the thumb and forefinger pinch gesture you can even zoom in and out, increasing or decreasing the number of thumbnails available on each row.

Tap the date bar or the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the profile of the person you're chatting with to switch to the calendar interface. In this way, it's easy to identify each day on which shares have been made; clicking on the specific date, then, the app will link directly to the images related to the day.

Another novelty is that of requests for access to groups and channels, for which you can now set the passage of approval by administrators. When opening the invitation, the user will have to submit a request while, on the other side of the screen, admins have the opportunity to see the applicant's bio and public photos before giving the ok or not. Each send link can receive a label, so that admins can always recognize the origin of the same.

Telegram, themes and travel times

The number of themes for individual chats also increases, with 8 more proposals equipped with day and night modes, animated backgrounds and blurred message bubbles. Already available for iOS, they will soon appear on Android as well. Another detail, currently only for the bitten Apple, is the travel time for shared locations: showing your location or destination from the attachments menu, a detailed map shows the time it takes to reach it by walking, driving or public transport, both statically and in real time.

Always for Apple, at least for now, is the transformation of text into a caption when attaching and sending media; the design for the settings also changes, in accordance with the iOS 15 style. Last, but not least, are the six new interactive emoji, including thumbs-down, ghost or laughter with tears, which can kick off the full-screen effect once sent.