How to Get Amazon Music Unlimited Free for 3 Months

A new special offer is coming from Amazon: the Amazon Music Unlimited music streaming service is offering a 3-month free trial instead of 30 days

Amazon Music Unlimited is the music content streaming service that offers users over 50 million songs, playlists and radio stations. The subscription service offers a 30-day free trial, but Amazon's new offer launches 3 months of free use for new signups made by April 25, 2021.

The subscription service was created as an answer to Spotify Premium, Google Music and Apple Music, offering not only mainstream music, but also niche authors and then again playlists and specialized radio. Amazon Music Unlimited can be used both online and offline from different types of devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets, Fire tablets, smart speakers and smart displays like the Amazon Echo. Users who have an Amazon account will be able to choose from three different subscription plans starting at €9.99 per month, with discounts reserved for Prime customers, to enjoy their favorite music anywhere, from the browser or from the Amazon Music app available for Android and iOS.

Amazon Music Unlimited: what it is and how to use it

Amazon's premium music streaming service allows users to listen to over 50 million pieces of audio content online and offline, with no limits and no ads. Users will be able to choose from songs from the on-demand catalog, dedicated playlists and personalized radio stations. In addition, the service recommends new content to users based on history and taste, so they can discover new authors and tracks.

Amazon Music Unlimited can be used from PCs, smartphones, tablets, Fire tablets, speakers, smart spearkers and smart displays from the Echo family. Users will be able to play music directly from their browsers through the web player on computers, or download the Amazon Music app available for Android and iOS and integrated into Fire tablets, as well as PC and Mac computers.

The offline listening feature, however, is only available for Android, iOS and Fire devices. Or, you can use your Amazon Echo device and take advantage of the Alexa assistant integration to use voice commands to play songs.

Amazon Music Unlimited: how to sign up and subscriptions

Subscription to the Amazon Music Unlimited service necessarily requires the activation of an Amazon account. Per chi ne è già in possesso, sarà sufficiente accedere alla pagina web di Amazon Music Unlimited e fare clic su "Iscriviti, è gratis per 30 giorni" per attivare il servizio, che al termine della prova gratuita si rinnova al costo dell’abbonamento sottoscritto.

Dal 12 al 25 aprile 2021 Amazon ha lanciato un’offerta con 3 mesi di uso gratuito del servizio, quindi per iscriversi sarà necessario fare clic sul pulsante "Inizia ora – Paga dopo", e scegliere il tipo di abbonamento che al termine del periodo partirà in modo automatico. Gli utenti potranno scegliere tra tre tipologie di abbonamento:

  • Individuale: 1 utente, più dispositivi per 9,99 euro al mese o 99 euro l’anno se cliente Amazon Prime
  • Family: fino a 6 utenti, più dispositivi per 14,99 euro al mese o 149 euro l’anno se cliente Amazon Prime
  • Echo: un dispositivo Amazon Echo a 3,99 euro al mese.

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