How to have unlimited giga at night

Giga Night is Vodafone's promotion for Halloween that allows you to use the internet without any limit from 20:00 to 8 for a week

Trick or treat? For Halloween Vodafone has thought of its customers and launched a very interesting promotion: Giga Night. For a week, users who activate the offer can surf from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day for free, without "affecting" the data traffic in their tariff plan.

This is a real gift made by the phone operator to all its customers for Halloween. It is not the first time that Vodafone launches initiatives of this kind: usually in view of particular holidays it launches promotions designed to build customer loyalty. This offer winks at both young people who use their smartphones a lot in the evenings when they go out with friends or chat with their schoolmates after finishing their homework, and older people, who after a day's work relax in front of their smartphones in the evenings, checking their social accounts and reading about what's happened in the world. Here's how it works and how to activate Vodafone's promotion to get unlimited giga at night.

How Giga Night works

Giga Night is a Halloween promotion by Vodafone reserved for its customers. By activating Giga Night you can use the data traffic of your phone subscription without any limit from 8pm to 8am the following day. You will be able to surf the Internet, listen to music, watch videos on YouTube, TV series on Netflix, without using up the giga of your subscription.

How to activate Giga Night

The promotion can be activated only from the MyVodafone app. You need to open the app, log in with your credentials and press on the notification dedicated to the Halloween promotion. By clicking on "Activate for free" you will be able to use unlimited internet for a week, at no additional cost to your monthly subscription.