Crazy Web Shopping, June 22 comes the digital white night

The "white night" of online shopping is back: from 12:00 on Thursday 22 until 18:00 on Friday 23 so many products will be discounted by at least 40%

Imagine a day where everything is worth it. No, we're not talking about the sequel to the movie Judgment Night. But of Crazy Web Shopping. It is a "white night" for online shopping. The initiative has been promoted by Netcomm, the Consortium of Italian Electronic Commerce.

Many call it the white night of e-commerce even if in reality it would be better to define it as the day for online shopping at bargain prices: the offers will start at 12 am on Thursday, June 22 and will end at 6 pm on the 23rd. This campaign of discounts is quite transversal since it concerns about 100 different companies for a total of over 500 products divided into various categories of purchase. Some companies have already promised discounts on their products up to 80%. Among the companies that will surely adhere to the initiative are Mondadori Store, ePRICE,, TrenDevice, Refill, Oregon Scientific Italy, Lenovo, Dadoshop and Onlinestore.

What is the Crazy Web Shopping

In short, the category of participating companies is quite varied, from the world of technology to that of publishing and clothing. All offers can be viewed on the site In total there are 14 categories on the portal. In addition to clothing and technology, there will be space for accessories, furniture, cars and motorcycles, business, home appliances, food&wine, gardening and DIY, reading and leisure, children's world, multi-products, perfumery, health and wellness, sports and travel. All products will be included with at least 40% off the list price. On the website you can already see the items that will be available (with its price) during the Crazy Web Shopping.