IPhone, camera vulnerabilities put privacy at risk

A group of hackers discovered seven vulnerabilities that affected the devices of the bitten apple and got in return 75. According to a report by Forbes, Apple has paid the sum of $75,000 to a hacker as a reward for discovering seven serious security vulnerabilities, three of which allow you to take complete control of … Read more

What happens when you delete WhatsApp

Sick of WhatsApp? Find out what happens if you delete the application from your smartphone or delete your WhatsApp account permanently WhatsApp is a very useful application but it can also become dangerous. Especially if you are not able to control to understand the difference between online and offline life. For young people, WhatsApp can … Read more

How to have unlimited giga at night

Giga Night is Vodafone’s promotion for Halloween that allows you to use the internet without any limit from 20:00 to 8 for a week Trick or treat? For Halloween Vodafone has thought of its customers and launched a very interesting promotion: Giga Night. For a week, users who activate the offer can surf from 8:00 … Read more