Fortnite, Epic Games moves the helicopter: a new event coming soon?

First it was positioned in the jungle but, recently, it has been moved to a different area, always inside the forest

Those who play Fortnite have now become accustomed to the constant changes of the video game. And, above all, has learned to never take anything for granted. That's why, when the developers of Epic Games have moved the helicopter of the military forces, users have begun to suspect something. That a new event is coming? Let's take a step back.

With Season 8 introduced a large jungle in the northeast area of the game map, with a volcano and new locations such as "Unleashed Steps" and "Languid Lagoon". The helicopter in question was located right inside the jungle, but has recently been moved to a different area, though still within the forest. This is not a coincidence, but it could indicate the arrival of a new game event.

You may remember that in the previous two seasons, two events related to the invasion theme have occurred: in Season 6 with the dark creatures of the Purple Cube and in Season 7 the armies of the Ice King. So, the moving of the helicopter could indicate something similar for Season 8, naturally related to the tropical and pirate theme. Some speculate that ghostly pirates may be arriving or reptiles may be emerging from the volcano's eggs.

What do you think it means?

A 2nd Helicopter has now entered the map... ?

- Happy Power (@HappyPower) March 15, 2019