Fortnite, how to participate in the event The Device

The event The Device will close Fornite's Season 2. Here's what's supposed to happen and how to attend

It's called The Device and it's the event organized by Fornite to say goodbye to Season 2 of Chapter 2 and welcome Season 3, which will start on Wednesday, June 17. It's a live event, similar in intentions to what happened with the black hole event that marked the end of Chapter 1 and revolutionized the world of video games forever.

There is a lot of expectation around the event and also about the beginning of Season 3: in recent months many pro players have criticized the video game, worsened after the last updates and especially with the arrival of the new map. Season 3 should correct these errors: important updates are expected for the map and also for some features of the videogame. The event "The Device" should act as an opener to the new season, but a few hours before the start you know little or nothing. Epic Games did not want to unbutton even on the time: it is speculated that it may take place at 20:05. It is not even known how long it lasts and if at the end something will happen to the map of the video game.

Fortnite event The Device: time and day

The event Doomsday, translated into Italian as "The Device", is expected for the day today (June 15) at 20:05. There is a lot of uncertainty about the time: Epic Games in previous days has only said that the event will be held on June 15, nothing more.

Initially Doomsday was supposed to be held at the end of May, but Season 3 was first postponed by Epic Games to improve the quality of the title and then because of the riots broke out in the United States. Now it seems to be the right time: June 15 the event The Device, June 17 the arrival of the new season.

The event will be very special: to see it you must be connected to the game and there will be no replication in the coming days, as happened instead with the various concerts in recent months. In case you miss the event you will be able to see it again only online on various video streaming platforms.

What will happen to the event The Device

We are groping in the dark. There is no news about what the software house has prepared for this big event: there could be something that revolutionizes the game map or the gameplay of Fortnite. To find out just wait a few hours.